Rate my Extracurriculas

Rate my extracurriculars for UVA, UFlorida, UMaryland, UMich, and UNC Chapel Hill
Intended major: Biology


  1. Hosa (9-12), Treasurer (11), President (12)
  2. County Public Health Club (11-12), co-founder, President
  3. County Medical organization (11-12), co-founder, President
  4. Biology Olympiad (10-12), Treasurer (11), Vice President (12)
  5. Summer Research Program (11), Student Researcher
  6. Science and Math YouTube channel (10-12), Co-founder, Head video editor
  7. Hospital volunteering (11-12), Student volunteer
  8. Medical Club (9-12), Director of Membership (11), Enrichment Director (12)
  9. Biology Nonprofit (10-12), Director of Public Relations
  10. Cancer Nonprofit (10-12), Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Above average for biology major, probably, but you may seem 1 dimensional.

I love an application theme but prefer this approach -

Top 2 activities
do the rest with your essays

What do you mean one dimensional? Is that bad and what can I do to get rid of that? And what do you mean by top two activities and the rest with your essays?

just an opinion -

The best way to present yourself on applications is to have a consistent theme. Your theme is clearly the sciences. You did that.

I would like to see a bit more diversity in your activities. If you are filling out the common application, for example, I would have your top 2 activities focus on science, but then have some “less science” activities mixed in. I would complement your science themed activities with science oriented essays probably.

Another idea is to have your activities list how you have it. You could then write your essays on things that really show other aspects of who you are and your personality.

Get it?

So could I fill some of my middle or end with math and technology rather than medical and science?

I’m having a hard time believing this list. You co-founded and worked as president of a county public health club and county medical organization, and you also have an officer position in two non-profits? When do you go to school? My first impression when reading this list is that there is a lot of exaggeration going on. Either that or these four organizations actually don’t take that much time which means that they are really just shells that don’t do much or you aren’t really involved at the level that the title indicates. I don’t know how you can be involved in more than one or two organizations at this level and be effective. Its not about how many titles you have, but what you do with those titles.


Based upon the impression I am getting, you are super science-focussed. Do you have anything non-stem? an activity? sport? hobby?

Tweaked strategy -

Keep your 1st 4 as is.
Make your 5th YouTube Channel (lose the science and math part)

Clearly, you have a science focus, but I am suggesting you bring in something else about you.

I just looked at your prior posts and it seems you are just a sophomore, which means most of what you have written are things that you have not done yet. You have a lot of 11 and 12 on your list. If we pare this down to what’s real, you are a member of HOSA and Medical Club, you have a youtube channel, and you have the two positions in two non-profits. Is that correct?


I have created the two organizations however. It’s just not official yet

well, since you are pretending for the most part - my point was that it will not be advantageous for you to look like you are a science geek, and nothing else. Make up some other stuff and work toward it.

Yeah well that’s my plan at this moment and I’m doing this to get an idea if I’m headed in the right direction or not. I understand that I may look one dimensional and am only doing science but I don’t really have any other hobbies or sports to work towards. Would you recommend rounding out my bottom 2 or 3 spots with technology, math, or business? Also do you have any recommendations on how to get rid of the science geek standard I have established with these extracurriculars? Finally, do you have any suggestions on what and how should I change?

Yeah I don’t really have any other sports or hobbies which makes it super difficult for me. Do you have any suggestions on other activities I could do or other themes I could pursue?

What do you mean by your bottom 2 or 3 spots? Are you talking about the common app section for ECs? Are you trying to think of activities just so you can fill all the spots? If this is what you are doing, you should realize that you don’t have to fill every spot. Neither of my kids did. Thus is especially true if you have some items that take a lot of time.

As for other activities, sports, music, and art are the most common. There is nothing else that you do? Cooking? Crafts? I’ll admit that I’m not sure the range of activities is really necessary for your target schools. I can’t see a large public rejecting someone because ECs weren’t varied enough.

I understand that you don’t have to have all 10 spots filled but I was specifically referencing to everything I already had for my bottom 3, not what I would try to put there

Moving to the café - where hypothetical threads go to die.

For the OP - in the future, please be more transparent; the quality of responses tend to be better.


It means be upfront and say that is what you hope. As written, you present it as a fait accompli. It’s like doing a chance post and saying you got a 1600 SAT when you have yet to take the exam.

Well next time when I make a list I will be sure to clarify it. I just wanted to get an opinion because in my opinion most of these are certain to happen