Rate of NM(S)F getting awarded merit scholarships?

<p>Just wondering what the % of NMSF / NMF applicants who get offered merit scholarship interviews around this time is.</p>

<p>I have not seen anything on percentages. I have wondered how (or if) it might alter the chances of getting an interview though, since the NMF Presidential (1/2 tuition) does not require an interview.</p>

<p>Do you mean they might offer less NM(S)F applicants interviews since it's likely they'll accept them and the applicants will receive the scholarship anyway?</p>

<p>Not exactly. I am not saying that USC is more likely to accept NMF applicants. (I have not seen any statistics on that.) I am just wondering whether, if they determine that they will be admitting a particular NMF applicant, would they offer them an interview or only do so if they are a Trustee candidate or a good candidate to possibly be bumped up to Trustee? I do not know the answer. It is possible that it does not factor in at all.</p>

<p>I don't know that this is statistically helpful, but my d is a NMSF and is interviewing for Presidential Scholarship for BA in Theatre.</p>

<p>My son was one last year who was offered the Presidential interview. He was not bumped up, but did receive an additional $2500 per year.</p>

<p>I am NMF and did not receive any additional scholarship invitation.</p>

<p>Hi. Im a NMSF (not sure about finalist yet) and I got an interview for the presidential scholarship. But I probably wont be going since NMF are already guarenteed that scholarship. Seems a little pointless to ho since i wont be gaining anything...</p>

<p>There is a chance that you could be bumped up to Trustee (full tuition scholarship) if you interview. Others have reported that it has happened in previous years. So it is definitely worth it to interview.</p>

<p>BigTexDad is right. In fact, among our small college confidential sample last year, over 20% of those who interviewed for the Presidential were bumped up to Trustee. You would have nothing to lose by attending the interview, and potentially over $80,000 to gain.</p>

<p>The details:</p>

Results Summary
A total of 49 reporting results</p>

<p>29 received the scholarship for which they interviewed = 59.2%
11 were bumped up Presidential --> Trustee = 22.4%
9 were bumped down = 18.4%
Of those bumped down,
1 Trustee -> Presidential
1 Trustee -> Dean's (1/4 Tuition)
3 Trustee -> Director's ($4,000)
3 Presidential -> Dean's
1 Presidential -> Director's</p>

<p>No students who interviewed reported that they did not receive at least a Director's scholarship.</p>


<p>In all, 81.6% of those who interviewed were awarded at least the scholarship for which they interviewed or were bumped up.

<a href="http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-southern-california/1097370-trustee-presidential-scholarship-interview-results-2011-a-6.html%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://talk.collegeconfidential.com/university-southern-california/1097370-trustee-presidential-scholarship-interview-results-2011-a-6.html&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Since some people are bumped down, is it possible for a NMF to be bumped down to something less than half tuition?</p>