Rate the Jan SAT?

<p>How would you guys rate the SAT in difficulty? Scale from 1-10(10 is hardest)</p>

<p>CR 9
Math 1
Writing 5-6</p>

<p>CR - 9/10
Math - 6/7
Writing - 5/6</p>

<p>When do we get our results back?</p>

<p>Results are available online starting on the 11th of february</p>

<p>Difficult? Not very. A little annoying.</p>

<p>CR 5
Math 1
Writing 3</p>

<p>@DrillKid wow, Im a wizz at math, but I kinda suck in english. In school, Im in all PreAP/AP except English, thats how much I fail.</p>

<p>But ya, math, what was Collegeboard thinking? It needs to be more challenging. English needs to be toned down a little.</p>

<p>CR 10
Math 2
Writing 4</p>

<p>CR 8-10
M 4 (comparatively…SAT Math is really nothing lol)
W 5</p>

<p>I wonder what the curve would be. I really wanna apply to UT, Georgia Tech, or Rennselaer.</p>

<p>Cr: 7
m: 4
w: 2/3</p>

<p>cr: 7
math: 5
writing: 4</p>

<p>Couple tricks on math (series one), but nothing out of the ordinary really.</p>

<p>The one critical reading passage (with the grandmother and the letters) was fairly difficult; the rest was alright, I think.</p>

<p>Cr : 8.5
m: 3-4 (We should rate it on a 10 point system and it should be comparatively judged on a scale of 5)
w: 6</p>

<p>Cr 8
m 2
w 4</p>

<p>CR - 8
M - 5
WR - 4 (although I’m a bit skeptical about my answer choices… only had 2 C’s in the 35-question section)</p>

<p>Math - 2/10; as easy as it gets for SAT I
Writing - 5/10; a few tricky ones but nothing major
Reading - 9/10; i suck at CR so this probably isn’t accurate</p>

<p>CR - 8 (Tribulation and Satchel were harder than any practice test I’ve taken; others were cake)
M - 5 (not as bad as I anticipated)
W - 4 (IMO easier than any practice test I’ve taken :))</p>

<p>CR- 8-10/10, I got an 80 on the PSAT CR and I thought it was really, really hard
M- 3-5/10, not bad at all
W- With what was hopefully the experimental, 7/10. Without, 5/10.</p>

<p>Cr - 8
m - 3.5
w - 5.5</p>

<p>CR - 4 (Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fairly good at CR and didn’t really see any “gotcha” questions. Hardest vocab was “indelible” IMO.)
M - 7 (Some tough ones like the 50/51 question and the (sqrt(5)-1)/2 one. But then again, math isn’t my strong suit.)
W- 3 (Not much to say. A couple of questions that are ambiguous but not bad overall.)</p>

Did you put self-satisfied or conscientious?</p>