Rate the Movie above you.

<p>In this thread you will basically just rate the movie above you on a scale of 1-10. Let me start it off,</p>

<p>Forrest Gump.</p>

<p>9.5/10 I haven’t seen it in a while, though. </p>

<p>Hmm… The Godfather?</p>


<p>Shutter Island.</p>


<p>Shawshank redemption</p>

<p>10/10 one of my favorite movies.</p>

<p>Cast Away</p>







school of rock</p>


<p>pursuit of happyness</p>




<p>Tower Heist</p>

It was probably funny at the time…but I can barely recall it now</p>



<p>Lost In Translation</p>

It was good. You didn’t know what was going on but it was good. </p>


<p>8.5/10 – which is good for me, because I’m an avid moviegoer and I barely give out anything 8+!</p>

<p>The Sound of Music</p>


<p>I’m not really a fan of musicals, but this one’s better than a vast majority that I’ve seen. A 7 is good for a musical.</p>




<p>8/10 </p>

<p>Mean Girls</p>


<p>Slumdog Millionaire</p>