Rate These Exams in Difficulty

<p>From 1-10 (1 being the easiest)</p>

<p>AP World History</p>

<p>AP European History</p>

<p>AP Biology</p>

<p>AP English Language and Composition </p>

<p>AP Chemistry</p>

<p>AP United States History</p>

<p>AP French Language</p>

<p>AP Psychology</p>

<p>AP Environmental Science</p>

<p>AP Physics B</p>

<p>AP English Lit</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB</p>

<p>AP US Gov't</p>

<p>AP Macro</p>

<p>AP Art History</p>

<p>AP World History </p>

<p>AP European History </p>

<p>AP Biology - 4</p>

<p>AP English Language and Composition - -2 (yes that's a negative)</p>

<p>AP Chemistry - 5</p>

<p>AP United States History - 5 </p>

<p>AP French Language</p>

<p>AP Psychology</p>

<p>AP Environmental Science - 3</p>

<p>AP Physics B - 4</p>

<p>AP English Lit </p>

<p>AP Calculus AB</p>

<p>AP US Gov't - 3</p>

<p>AP Macro</p>

<p>AP Art History</p>

<p>I feel like difficulty depends on the specific person and their interests (science, writing, history, etc.) and strengths (understanding, memorizing, etc.).</p>

<p>AP World History - 3</p>

<p>AP European History - 5</p>

<p>AP Biology - 5</p>

<p>AP English Language and Composition - depends on your engrish skillz</p>

<p>AP Chemistry - 4</p>

<p>AP United States History - 5</p>

<p>AP French Language - same as engrish</p>

<p>AP Psychology - 1</p>

<p>AP Environmental Science - 1</p>

<p>AP Physics B - 4</p>

<p>AP English Lit - same as engrish</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB - 3</p>

<p>AP US Gov't - 2</p>

<p>AP Macro - 3</p>

<p>AP Art History - 7</p>

<p>AP European History 2</p>

<p>AP French Language 5</p>

<p>AP European History - 1; considering I had the worst teacher possible of all time and still got a 5 after a couple weeks of cramming</p>

<p>AP English Language and Composition - 2</p>

<p>AP United States History - 5</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB - 1</p>

<p>AP World History - 5</p>

<p>AP European History - 7</p>

<p>AP Biology - 5</p>

<p>AP English Language and Composition - 4</p>

<p>AP Chemistry - 5</p>

<p>AP United States History - 6</p>

<p>AP French Language - 9</p>

<p>AP Psychology - 2</p>

<p>AP Environmental Science - 2</p>

<p>AP Physics B - 5</p>

<p>AP English Lit - 6</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB - 4</p>

<p>AP US Gov't - 5</p>

<p>AP Macro - 4</p>

<p>AP Art History - 7</p>

<p>I have not taken all of these exams, but I am basing it off of the reactions of people both on this site and at my school who have taken some.</p>

<p>AP World History 5</p>

<p>AP Biology 6</p>

<p>AP Calculus AB 3 if you take the class</p>