Rate This EC -- Interesting or Admissions Eye Roller?

<p>Fantasy Baseball. But before you laugh your heads off...</p>

<p>-I have played in a serious national competition for 8 yrs (since 4th grade, commitment?)...b/w 6,000 & 10,000 people compete each year.
-I have won awards in 3 of the last 4 yrs totalling several hundred dollars
-Ranked #3 nationally (out of 6200) at one point in 2004...name & team name was printed in nationally distributed SportsWeekly</p>

<p>I want to major in econ and possibly end up as a financial analyst. Since this is pretty much manipulating data and extrapolating results, and given my success in it, is this something good or no?</p>

<p>oh and most of the people are adults, so i think there would be very few (if any) hs kids that were ever ranked #3 or higher in the national competition.</p>

<p>if the EC is irrelevant, tho, it doesn't matter how "good" i did in it...</p>

<p>Gosh... I think it would be interesting. BUT, if you just mention it as an EC, they won't understand why it's important. But if you wrote your college essay about it - and did it well - THAT could be interesting.</p>

<p>i won the videogame national championship. should i put that on?</p>

<p>thats what it sounds like.</p>

<p>What about making a videogame? Does that do anything for me?</p>

<p>I'm the creator and owner of a text-based, browser-based, turn-based MMORPG which have over 1500 users from 20 different countries worldwide. Among its genre, it has been ranked 9th in the world. It pulls in quite a nice sum every month, as well...</p>

<p>I don't think a simple mention of that will really do it justice. It has taught me the in's and out's of programming, web development, business, financial responsibility, and public relations, and I think it's one of my more unique accomplishments, and one of the most unique that the admissions officers are likely to come across.</p>

<p>Actually, aignam I have made two previous games of the type you talk about, and i would definately put it. It shows your entreprenual abilities.</p>

<p>so, in summary:</p>

<p>-madjoy says its good
-icanthinkofaname says its not</p>

<p>anyone else?</p>

<p>is that your ONLY eca? </p>

<p>i think its impressive, but remember to link your eca to you ambition as a financial analyst.</p>

<p>no it's not the only one. i just felt like all everyone talks in here abt how you should have a passion for something & not just do it for college, so i was hoping this might be the kind of bizarre thing top schools are looking for. ;)</p>

<p>i will mention it in my essays, but i don't think i will write the entire essay on it. just saying. thanks for the help so far!</p>

<p>i think that is helpful because the adcoms will have a better insight on your personality.</p>

<p>I think it is good. The admissions ppl will be able to connect with you more and think they know you more than the average applicant.</p>

<p>minor EC, reg EC, major EC, minor hook, major hook (i know its not a major hook but just for balance).</p>

<p>reg EC, medium hook</p>

<p>What's the national competition?... I play fb.</p>

<p>def put it in your essay don't make it the highlight though, and putting it as a major EC would almost make it seem as though you were stretching to find things to put in.</p>

<p>If this was misleading...</p>

<p>it's not the fb "national championship." it is a game played nationally that is regarded as the most competitive fantasy baseball. Diamondchallenge</p>

<p>crypticfate -- how strong is a medium hook? what else is a medium hook (for comparison)</p>

<p>It's best to do EC portions of the app chart style- see Michele Hernandez's "Acing the College Application" I know some of her suggestions are controversial, but the chart is pretty tame and every admissions person who saw mine LOVED it. It's a great way to walk the line so that you can expand on why your EC'S are important to you, without making the resume adcoms so loathe.
Just throw down a couple of sentences saying basically what you have here, with a little explanation of how FB works, what you personally do to participate, and what youve accomplished. Don't talk about it in your essay, it's not THAT important, but including it w. some depth in your EC chart will be one more thing to help your app stand out.
You really will have to peek inside the book to know how to do this.</p>