ratemyprofessor.com gold membership?

<p>Is it worth paying the 10 bucks for a years membership of ratemyprofessor.com? I kind of want to narrow down the professors that I would like to take without going through the hassle of seeing all their classes. There arent that many improvements but I do get to see more ratings for professors and also I get to search by subject.</p>

<p>Not sure going premium makes it any better. The site depends on students actually submitting ratings and you will find that for many colleges and majority of professors, ratings just don't exist on the site -- example: of three freshman I know at UIUC none of their professors or teachers were rated on the site despite that it seemingly has a lot of ratings for UIUC professors. Second problem is that most ratings that exist have only one or two students who have done a rating for a prof -- you really need a lot of ratings for one prof to even begin to believe you have some potentially valid info. Going to premium is not going to mean anything in actually getting students to do more ratings. </p>

<p>The only real reason to go to premium is that if you like the site and want to assure it continues, the premium charge is money that helps to keep it going. This is not the kind of site where you have owners who are making a huge amount of money and the actual owner, if I am recalling correctly, basically does the site as a hobby and is not expecting to get rich off of it.</p>