Rats in the Apartment

<p>Yes, I have rats in my apartment....not mice but Rats. I don't know how they get it but they stay in the kitchen. Any suggestions on how to exterminate these @#$@$!@#$ rodents? This makes me want to move out.</p>

<p>Did you buy from Raj or Everest Properties?</p>

<p>A song for you:</p>

<p>YouTube</a> - ‪UB40 - Rat in ma Kitchen‬‎</p>

<p>it's time to move out.</p>

<p>That is not okay. You have to talk to your landlord. Now.</p>

<p>Absolutely talk to you landlord immediately. Rats carry disease and you definitely do not want them in your kitchen! Call today!!!! This is not your responsibility; it is the responsibility of the landlord. Also make sure your food is completely sealed and your kitchen is clean. No crumbs or stuff left out in the sink or on the counter. They are after your food. Don't give them anything to eat. However, still call your landlord.</p>

<p>I wish I had neighbors as sociable as you have...</p>

<p>but seriously, listen to the mom because rats in a living environment is a serious issue.</p>

<p>how do you sleep at night knowing that there are rats near you?</p>

<p>Housing around Berkeley is crappy but that's just unacceptable. You need to get mad and make something happen.</p>

<p>Snappy traps and peanut butter </p>

<p>you'll have severed rat heads in no time</p>

<p>Don't even bother with traps. It's time to bust out the big boys, aka shotgun, cheese and glue.</p>