Ray Street dorms question

<p>Hi! Maybe this is nitpicky but it's been stressing me out, haha.</p>

<p>I wanted to know about the Ray Street dorms... I'll be staying in A this fall, in one of the rooms that has sinks inside the bathroom instead of outside in each room. I heard that the bathroom doors don't lock.</p>

<p>In most rooms there's a little area in front of shower to get changed, but I have one of the weird rooms that doesn't seem to have that extra wall to hang a shower curtain across.</p>

<p>Can anybody tell me if there actually is a space there to put up a privacy curtain? Or some alternative? I'm not really happy about having to use a shower without a changing area in a room that doesn't lock...</p>

<p>Im not sure about the space, but you could also get a door stopper and wedge it under the door while you're in the shower.</p>

<p>One year I had a really paranoid suite mate (we both had singles, shared a bathroom) and she would put her dresser in front of her side of the bathroom door every time she went to class. I could hear her move it to and from every day. I always giggled.</p>

<p>Don't have an answer to your question, but consider yourself lucky that the sink is in the bathroom. It's a real pain to be woken each morning by your roommate brushing their teeth, etc.</p>

<p>BTW I just realized my idea wont work is the door opens out :) Sorry.</p>