RBS - Deferred to Regular Decision

I applied early to Rutgers Business School – New Brunswick. but got deferred to regular decision. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting too much, since RBS is so competitive, and my stats are barely avg. I have a 1340 SAT, a 3.2 unweighted, I took 3 APs (AP Lang, AP Lit, and AP Euro), and I have pretty strong extracurriculars/awards.

Is there a good chance for me to be accepted to RBS in the regular decision round? I also applied to SAS and SEBS, and was accepted immediately. RBS is my goal though :frowning:

Being that Rutgers is a pretty big school I think that a deferral just means they didn’t get to look at your app yet. Each school within Rutgers has its own admissions committee so that’s why some decisions come out before others. The business school may just take longer/have more applicants. I got in SAS but deferred from my other two so I think they just didn’t get to mine.

Good Luck in RD!

Your stats are within range but are not a solid match school. I would say it could go either way . A strong mid-year will surely help! Best of Luck! Hope you get into RBS

Did they ask to update SRAR ? By February 7th ?

Thank you so much! Haha, I know I’m responding a year late but I just wanted to let you know that I did get into RBS in the end :slight_smile: Happy ending yay!

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