RC? This question is a bit more specific than the others.

<p>Hey everyone,</p>

<p>So today, I got my acceptance notification from UMich, and it turns out that I also got into the Residential College (RC) program. I'm a little concerned--I want to major in biochemistry, as well as get a second major or a minor (depending on what's possible) in philosophy. So, while there are definitely aspects of the RC that are definitely exciting for such purposes, I have two main questions:</p>

<p>a) It seems almost as though the RC is essentially focused on arts and the theatre. Is this perception true, or does it follow a more interdisciplinary approach, as it seems to promise? I want to bio research and explore a lot of the LSA programs, not just stay fixed to the small RC community... do RC students find this possible? (I've been reading all the UMich sites, but they seem a little vague, so I wanted to check in with you guys)</p>

<p>b) If you are accepted into UMich directly into the RC program, can you leave it and instead attend as a "general" LSA student?</p>

<p>a). The RC is VERY interdisciplinary, having programs in the Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Arts, and Lanugages. I cite the RC Science, Technology, and Society program as evidence that it isn't all about arts and theater. I love that second part. Actually, when you enroll in the RC, your 1st night here, they secretly implant a tracking device under your skin. When you go further than 50 yards away from EQ, then the RC director zaps you w/ and electrical pulse.... Yes its possible to participate in programs outside the RC...most RC students do.</p>

<p>b). You have to accept your invitation to the RC (its not an acceptance, b/c the RC is 1st come 1st serve). If you don't accept, you won't be in the RC. You can drop the RC any day of the week, including after you've enrolled.</p>


<p>I knew it! I knew they left something off of the RC site!
But really, thanks, that was very helpful.</p>