RCT and LAB question

<p>I am registering for my courses and I am confused as the to meanings of these abbreviations:</p>


<p>Does it matter who gets assigned to be the RCT?</p>

<p>Also, as a freshmen taking natural science, how many lab sessions do we need in our schedule? Also it seems like there are lots of open slots for the LAB session of natural science. Are we strictly restricted for the LAB during the times we registered for, or could we come in any time? <-- (considering it is not packed).</p>

<p>RCT = recitation
You only sign up for one recitation, but depending on the course it may meet more than once a week. The introductory level and general requirement course recitations should only meet once. With nat sci, you probably will be restricted to your assigned lab time. It involves quizzes and whatnot so your grader will probably have to remain consistent. I know in ConWest we were allowed to attend to a different recitation because it was basically just a lecture and didn't involve any assignments.</p>

<p>Thanks AoDay! o but could you elaborate on the RCT?</p>

<p>What exactly happens during RCT? What is the difference between RCT and LEC? (specifically for natural science, Calculus I and ConWest) You mentioned that RCT time involves quizzes - does this mean that LEC is strictly just a lecture and RCT is more of a quiz session?</p>

<p>LEC is strictly lecture and involves the entire class. With gen ed classes you may get upwards of 120 people in them. With RCT, you may be in 10-15 person classrooms with a teaching assistant. In Nat Sci the RCT was a lab. We were given a lab manual and every week would perform an experiment or something that was connected to what we were learning during LEC. We would be graded on the results we recorded and a quiz would be given at the end of every RCT. That is just for me though, other teaching assistants and courses may differ.</p>

<p>My RCT for ConWest was basically just a discussion of the readings and topics introduced by the professor during LEC. It was the same for my World Cultures class.</p>