RD 2021 Did anyone get an interview request for Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, Cornell, Emory, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Columbia?

Did you have to request on the portal for it or did you get an invitation on email? If you did get an interview, would you mind sharing your location (e.g upstate new york). Thanks:)

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DS21 got an email request for interview with Harvard. He applied RD and we’re from CA.

i got an interview request from Columbia. I school outside the States, but i am a permanent resident

My daughter applied to Emory RD and received an email request for an interview. We’re in CA.

I’m from Chattanooga, Tennessee. I’m an ED2 at Vandy and RD at Emory. Had a Vandy interview, and it was great. The request came from my email. I haven’t gotten an Emory one yet, but fingers crossed!

Emory, Vandy, Northwestern - All RD - Location CA

Did one with Harvard yesterday.

I have a Cornell interview tomorrow and had my Dartmouth interview last week.

Did anyone apply to these schools and not get an interview lol? Please tell me which schools. Trying to see who’s in the same boat as me

I had a Duke interview last week but haven’t heard from Yale, Columbia, NYU, Cornell and Dartmouth… don’t worry it’s only mid-January!

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Has anyone heard from Yale, WashU, or Penn?

I completed a Harvard interview Monday, and just set up UPenn one for next Tuesday.

I got an email request for an interview from Columbia - I applied RD and I’m an international student from Hong Kong

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Just a question, are you expected to ask for an interview with:

  • Yale
  • Columbia
  • Duke
  • Cornell
  • Dartmouth?
    Because I haven’t heard from any of them and I’m wondering whether I need to request an interview or not.
    I know it’s only mid-January so there’s plenty of time but I just want to know how it works so that I can plan :slight_smile:

^ and UPenn too…
I’m wondering the same thing. I haven’t been contacted by any of my schools for an interview either.

I just quickly looked into some of the colleges and this is what they say.


I am sure the other colleges will also have something about the interviews if they offer. Just need to browse through the respective undergraduate admission pages.

Hope that helps.

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For my emory interview, I got an invitation through mail. I believe you can’t request for an interview for the other schools but I know you can’t request for Emory. Location: I’m in the Tri-City area in Michigan.

I got an interview from Northwestern(RD) and Stanford(REA). I con’t remember which Ivy, but for one of them you had to consent to receiving an interview.

My son had an RD interview for Princeton yesterday.
Waiting on Yale, Northwestern and Columbia.

For Duke, did you apply by the priority interview deadline (dec. 20)? I submitted my app on dec.20 but on the portal, it says that it went through dec. 21 so I don’t know if that’s why.