RD 2024 date?

Anyone know the RD notification date for class of 2024, or even last year’s RD notification date?


Based on last year, I was assuming decisions will be posted this Saturday, 3/14 at 9 am, but I am wondering if this will change considering HC is closed for the coronavirus.

Some say the decisions for colleges might come earlier bc of the virus, but who knows?

I spoke to Holy Cross Admissions. They said decisions should be going out sometime next week and will not be affected by the school closing.

A friend of a friend posted on Facebook that her daughter found out today that she received a full scholarship to HC. Does that mean that RD decisions came out?(nothing on my daughter’s portal) Or could she have been accepted ED and just found out about the scholarship? The friend doesn’t feel comfortable asking so now my daughter and I are both stressed out!?

I think it might be soon because they released decisions in 2018 on 3/14 and last year on 3/16. Hopefully this weekend… Good luck everyone!

Holy Cross’ Admissions twitter says decisions are released tomorrow!