RD 2024

Hey! International first year applicant RD Fall 2020. Who else is looking forward to decisions? Also anyone know when they’ll go out?

Hi @Mimi31 - I also applied RD. From past years’ threads, it looks like we could hear around March 13-15.

Hi @Orcus2020, it’s going to be released on 20 march 8 pm (Minnesota Time). I got an email with the information. Did you get one?

Hey @Mimi31
Where are you from?

My counselor there told me that it would be released around 15th March.

But I got this email,

"We’re in the midst of reading applications and are taking a quick break to give you an update on your file.

First of all, your application is complete and in order. We’re giving it a thorough review and plan to post the decision on your applicant status page on March 20 at 8:00pm (Minnesota time). We’ll also put old-fashioned decision letters in the mail, but if you can’t stand the suspense, you’re welcome to log in and see the decision online."

Didn’t you get it???

Well… technically 20th March is around 15th March.

Nope I didn’t get any such emails lol

Hi @Rostro01 do you live in Minnesota? I didn’t get that email but did hear that decisions will be coming out between 3/13 and 3/16.

Last year they came out on Friday 3/15, so my guess would be Friday 3/16, but who knows? In any event, we don’t have long to wait.

I have not got such email either, and I am an international too. Hope they release decisions within this week. Cannot wait any longer.

Yeah, so I got that same exact email, but I got it from Carleton College, not Gettysburg. Gettysburg decisions are probably gonna come out between 3/13 and 3/16.

I have a feeing I’m gonna get rejected xD

Just got an email that decisions with be out on the 13th at 5pm EST.

Yes, I got that too! Are acceptance mails out or will they be mailed after 13th?

I’m assuming they’ll probably be out on the application portal on the 13th and then mailed out after or on the 13th.

It late here and I’m so sleepy.

D got decision through portal today at 5 PM.

D got her decision through the portal yesterday. 5:15 as well.

Does your financial aid meet your needs? I got accepted but the given grant was far less than my friends who applied ED.

@AnEagleFan - D got merit (David Wills Scholar). We did not apply for financial aid so sorry I cannot answer your question - perhaps others can help?