RD Acceptance rate for class of 2016?

<p>According to another thread, Uchicago's overall acceptance rate of this year is likely to be about 13.6% --- UChicago (3446 / 25271). Apparently, the acceptance rate for EA is higher and that for RD is lower. Does anyone have any idea of what RD acceptance will be this year? Just my gut feeling, but I think it might be something close to 10%.</p>

<p>UChicago's acceptance rate will be lower than 13.6%. The University has explicitly stated that it is expecting a yield of over 40% - likely 42% or 43%. This will peg the number of accepted students at about 3200, since they are aiming to have a class size of 1350, as they have stated to the New York Times.</p>

<p>For EA, Chicago admitted about 1530, so that leaves 1670 to be admitted during RD. Assuming a 50% deferral rate (the figure is actually likely higher) during EA, there will be about 16500 + 4350 = 20850. So the RD admit rate will be about 1670/20850 = 8%. But that figure is after waitlist admits, so pre-waitlist, it'll probably be something like 7%.</p>

<p>Thanks for your analysis. That sounds absolutely brutal! Hope I'm one of the lucky ;)</p>

<p>One thing to keep in mind while doing these calculations is that Chicago is having a really hard time accurately estimating its yield, meaning the class of 2015 was so big that one (maybe two?) new house(s) had to be created. The admissions office is more likely to admit too few students than too many this time around.</p>

<p>I estimate the overall admit rate will be lower than 12.9% and the yield will be 2~5% higher than the class of 2015, since HYP and Stanford have one kind of restrictive or single choice early applications, plus Upenn, Columbia and Duke have early decision. All these peers' early applicants (if admitted) will mostly likely go to their first choice schools.</p>

<p>Very high percentages of seniors and juniors live out of the campus, you could easily find out if you take a look at college dean's annual report.</p>