RD acceptances yet?

<p>Does anyone know if Hartwick starts sending out the decisions on a rolling basis? I am pretty sure my son will get in, but it would be nice to know. He did get an email that seemed to have a "very likely" tone to it and I think their acceptance rate is pretty high.</p>

<p>Any experiences with the school, positive or negative would be appreciated.</p>

<p>I got that same email. I thought I was special, oh well hopefully I get in. On the email it said Feb 28.</p>

<p>Got mine today.</p>

<p>accepted with scholarship and honors program invite!</p>

<p>My son got accepted too and a Judge William Cooper Scholarship and Honors College invite. The scholarship was 18k/year.</p>

<p>My d has been accepted to Hartwick. We have not yet visited the school...but plan to sometime in April. Are there any students out there who can shed some light on the academics and social life? My d would like to go to a college where students are active participants in clubs and events. She had an all girl education for years and now wants to meet boys! lol</p>

<p>What really stands out to me, is Hartwick's study abroad programs. At a lot of other schools you can't travel nearly as much.</p>

<p>accepted w 20K Kellogg Scholarship.</p>

<p>Got acceptance w/Kellogg scholarship 20k a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, we can't send DD there as it is not financially possible. It was her #2 choice, luckily #1 choice had better offer.</p>