RD Applicants

<p>Any internationals here applying to Northwestern???? :D</p>

<p>i'm international and applying RD to NW</p>

<p>Oh... From where?</p>

<p>I am also an international student from Nepal.... shruthibaskaran u must be from India...</p>

<p>yep i'm international and planning to apply to NW</p>

<p>Yeah! Am from India....Which school are you applying to? Anyone for Engineering? :)</p>

<p>i'm applying to school of engineering... and you?..... must be a tough competition for you ... especially because your country has so many good applicants...</p>

<p>Am applying to the school of engineering too.... Pretty tough I think... But I have no idea about how many applicants are applying this year.... :(</p>

<p>no...but i think u are a good applicant to northwestern...ur SAt1 and Sat 2s are very good..... how about your essays i think they are most important part in admission process.. have you already applied or are u still applying to northwestern....</p>

<p>Thanks! :) I've worked really hard on my essays, and I think they have come out really well.. I gave it to my friend to ask her to tell me how its turned out and she said that it has come out well... :D i am yet to apply... just working on the last essay, once i get that done i will apply... probably by monday</p>

<p>hi guys. i wrote my essay for the northwestern supplement and had someone read it.... they said it wasn't personal enough and that i should try to add something to make it more personal.. any suggestions? like favorite parts of northwestern? i haven't had a chance to visit yet. i'm applying to arts and sciences. thanks guys.</p>

<p>I am also facing same problem danielle1013...someone help?????????/</p>

<p>Is this one about the "Why Northwestern" essay? I think its better to not to mention any favorite parts of NU etc, if you havent really visited the campus... Try to talk more about why the college of arts and sciences at NU appeals to you.... I am not sure if this is very helpful, but I say, just write what you really feel... I havent visited the campus either, so I just wrote my essay on what I actually knew.... :) All the best though! And you to pacific34!</p>

<p>So have you guys submitted your apps yet? And btw, is anyone sending in an art portfolio</p>

<p>thanx for the help shrutibaskaran...... I summited my app....but I had to request the admission officer to upload my esssay after submission of commonapp..but I think the admission officer was quite co-operative....best of luck everybody......I hope no one commited mistake like mine!!!!!!!!....</p>

<p>Its no problem at all.. Now all we can do is sit and wait :( Hope things turn out well for all of us....</p>

<p>applying from Canada just this week, was told that decision won't come out til mid April</p>

<p>Mid April? Crap.. I thought they were due April 1st, thats what my application tracker told me..</p>

<p>And you're just applying? Hasnt the deadline passed? just curious</p>

<p>Woooo! Decisions came out today and I got accepted to Education and social policy. Good luck to everyone else.</p>

<p>I got waitlisted :(</p>