RD Chance International

<p>I'm an international student from the Dominican Republic. I will be applying to the BArch (yes, I do know that admission to the program is completely different from the rest of Cornell). If you don't know that much about admission to the BArch, I'd still like to hear what you think.
Here are my stats:
SAT I (M800/CR710/W650=2160)
SAT II(MI 780, MII710 and Spanish 800)</p>

<p>GPA - 3.9-4.0 I had thought this was a 4.0, however my counselor just told me it was in the 3.9 something.
Class Rank - school doesn't rank, but counselour told me I'm in the top 1%</p>

French classes (graduated from L'Alliance Francaise, obtaind a DELF B1 diploma)
Art: Drawing and Painting
Music Lessons + Piano
Model UN (won Best Delegation(2011), Distinguished Delegation (2009) and Honorable Mention(2009) at several international conferences.</p>

<p>Almost no community service
Course rigor: I have taken all the APs my school offers (USH-5, Spanish-5, Spanish Lit, English Lit, Calculus AB, Chemistry) and also Honors? French.</p>

<p>My portfolio is good, but it is not as awe inducing as some I have seen around here. My essays I believe are good, but I am still trying to find some harsh readers (any volunteers?). </p>

<p>If something else is needed to chance me, just say it and I'll post it.</p>

<p>Thanks a ton</p>

<p>it's impossible to judge because it really all boils down to the portfolio. other than that, your stats seem good</p>