RD chance me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<p>White, Jewish male from western massachusetts
small, but competitive, public high school</p>

<p>SAT: 2140, m690, v690, w760
SAT II's: Bio M 700, Math 2c 720, USH 690
Rank: 2/65
GPA: 4.37 out of 4.5
AP US: 5, didn't even take the course</p>

<p>Transcript lowest grade is an A-, only twice
First quarter senior year:
Honors physics A+
Honors Biochemistry A+
AP Studio Art A
AP French A
AP Calc A
Humanities A
Internship A+
Concert Band A</p>

<p>Most rigorous course load possible</p>

<p>Hooks: i am from western, yes western, not eastern mass
class president four the past 5 years in a row
got the Brown Book Award</p>

<p>recs should be really good and essay was definitely out of the norm, yet very well-written</p>

<p>crap load of other EC's as follows:
Varsity Tennis Team (2003 - Present) 8 hours per week
Varsity Golf Team (2005 - Present) 10 hours per week
Varsity Crew Team (2003 - 2005)
Student Council Member (2002 - Present)
Member of High School Quiz Team (2003 - Present) 2 hours per week
Member of As School Match Wits Television Show Team (2005 - Present)
High School French Club (2003 - Present) 1 hour per week
High School Concert Band Percussionist (2003 - Present)
High School Marching Band Percussionist (2003 - Present)
High School Jazz Ensemble Percussionist (2002 - 2005)
High School Mock Trial Program (2005 - Present) 2 hours per week
Junior Class Prom Committee - 2006
Yearbook Committee (2006 - Present) 1 hour per week
High School Peer Education (2004 - Present)
National Honor Society Peer Tutoring (2005 - Present) .5 hours per week
High School Art Club (2003 - Present)</p>

<p>bunch of awards and honors too:
Just selected with 1 other student to represent the school at Deval Patrick's inaugural ceremony in Boston. I will have the opportunity to meet the governor-elect and have open discussion with him.
Recipient of The Brown University Book Award (given to the individual in the junior class “Who Best Combines Academic Excellence with Clarity in Written and Spoken Expression”)
Recipient of The 2006 Art Award (given to four members of the junior class who show “Outstanding Skill in Visual Arts”)
Recipient of The Foreign Language Achievement Award (given to a select few members of the junior class who show “Strong Interest in the Study of Culture and Language and Achieved the Highest Level of Proficiency in French”)
Recipient of the Kodak Young Leaders Award (given to four members of the junior class “in recognition of outstanding academic achievement and leadership”)
Recipient of the John and Abigail Adams Scholarship
Nominated for the Stanley Z. Koplik Certificate
Received distinction of Lauréat National on the Concours National De Français
Twice-received distinction of Lauréat Du Chapitre on the Concours National De Français
Three-time Participant in the Annual Berkshire County High School Art Show, exhibiting artwork at the Norman Rockwell Museum
Recipient of The English Book Award (given to two members of the freshman class)
Two-Year Member of the The National Honor Society (“Membership is based on Scholarship, Leadership, Service, and Character”)
Recipient and delegate of the 10th Annual Massachusetts Student-Athlete Citizenship Awards Ceremony (April 11th, 2006)
Asked by music and art teachers to design poster for The Lenox High School Fine Arts Night (May 2006)
Yearbook Cover Design selected for The Class of 2007 Yearbook (October 2006)</p>

<p>Didn't you just post a chances thread?</p>