RD chance plz

<p>Chinese citizen who moved to Canada 5 yrs ago(by Sep 2006),going to a public school right now,applying for fin. aid.</p>


<p>SATI: 800CR/780 math/700 writing (8 essay)
SATII:800 math level 2,800 chem (taking lit,bio,and physics in jan,prob 800 for all,including lit)</p>


<p>no overall average given by school(i calculated it from grade 9 to now,it is 90% including every course i took,in my province 80%+ is A)</p>

<p>no rank available</p>

<p>both an IB diploma and certificate,7 subjects in all (4 HL,3 SL),never took a non-honor or non-IB course (except gym and all that) in high school</p>

<p>Recs+school report</p>

<p>my recs from chinese and chem teachers talk abt i know a lot beyond the curriculum and likes to learn.i guess a special thing wud be i speak and write perfect chinese after 5 yrs in an english speaking environment,and my english(any area except oral) is better than a lot of my IB classmates.counselor's school report great</p>


<p>english IB teacher and counselor said they are really good.One of them talks about love for the sciences and math,one talks about mixed martial arts.</p>

<p>Awards (all rankings are on the national level,3 major ones):</p>

<p>U of T Leonardo da Vinci Engineering Competition:89.5percentile
University of Waterloo Hypatia Mathematics Contest(grade 11 contest): 75th
University of Waterloo Chem 13 Exam: 20th</p>

<p>EC (really mediocre)
2 years mixed martial arts,junior pro fighter
science olympics grade 12 yr
self-learning college chem,taking GRE chem subject test in April 2006,was going to take Dec 2005 but missed registration deadline....</p>

<p>Thanks for any input guys,i really appreciate it:)</p>

<p>to me u of chicago and caltech are the most attractive schools because ppl go there for the desire to learn,not a big name or whatever.</p>

<p>taking the GRE is pretty crazy for a high schooler. And I think you should be able to get into chicago with everythign you've said.</p>

<p>I dunno,it should be hard since i am an international applying for fin.aid</p>

<p>^ You're right, that does make it more difficult, but you seem very qualified. Can you explain how 80% is an A? I'm confused. Are the grades curved or weighted?</p>

<p>lol ria215 i am pretty confused too,i dunno how the weighting thing in the states works.our mark in regular courses is not usually weighted,so what you get is what you get.however in IB our mark is scaled according to the class average.</p>

<p>In canada 80 and above is an A and 90 and above is an A+</p>

<p>This would presumably help (more A's) but if you're a top notch student, it tends to hurt because teachers grade everything with 80 in their mind as an A. So if they give you a 90, its like they would have given you a 95 anywhere where 90 and above is an A. </p>

<p>It has nothing to do with curves or weighting.</p>

<p>yea my teachers dun even care about marks much,students still do tho</p>

<p>international is very tuff, but if u got green card ur not international</p>

<p>no i dun have green card,and i refused to apply for canadian citizenship so i am chinese</p>