RD Chance

<p>I have posted my stuff here before but my application is now in so here is my final stats:</p>

<p>White, Catholic Male
GPA: 4.113
ACT: 32
ALL AP classes available
Top 50 Catholic school</p>

<p>Logged in over 150 service hours helping my parish, school, and nursing home.
President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasure of my 4-H club
Vice President of a volunteer club
Captain of XC team
JV Golf and JV Soccer
Math Club

<p>I wrote essays about how my experiences of growing up on a farm have shaped who I am. I think that is something that should be unique. Also my sister is being very successful at ND if they see that at all. </p>

<p>Thanks, I am very worried!</p>

<p>You seem to only be giving a weighted GPA. I can't really say unless you give your unweighted GPA (or more information on the scale, if it's not 4.0 max).</p>

<p>Rank is a little low, but that might be balanced out by being in a top Catholic school. I don't know if your sister attending will make a difference, but it can't hurt. Your ACT is in the right range and your activities are solid.</p>

<p>I'd say you've got a shot, but admission is tough, and it's hard to say without knowing your unweighted GPA. Good luck.</p>