rd chances for athlete/debater

<p>im applying to upenn ed but recently ive began looking into some of the top lac's and middlebury seems like a very good fit if i could get in, can any of yall evaluate my chances at cracking midd. thanks</p>

<p>I attend the second most competitive public school in Washington state.</p>

<p>gpa- 3.45uw 3.8 w
(6 ap's and 4 honors classes so weighted is close to a 3.9)
sat 2110 (760 v 680m 670w)
im also taking the september act and will likely send in that score rather than the sat.</p>


<p>Partial debate record:</p>

<p>National Honors
-One of only 18 debaters (nationwide) selected to attend the Team USA All-American qualifier</p>

<p>-Member of Team USA A-Team. (One of only five 1st team All-Americans)</p>

<p>-Represented America as Team USA’s 1st speaker at the Pan-American Championship (western hemisphere debate tournament held in Southern California, October 2006)</p>

<p>-Will represent America as Team USA’s 1st speaker at the European World Championship (held in Germany, February 2007)</p>

<p>-Will represent America as Team USA’s 1st speaker at the World Championship (held in South Korea, July 2007)</p>

<p>-One of the nation’s first 25 to fully qualify for the Tournament of Champions.</p>

<p>-Finished 5th out of juniors nationwide at the TOC.</p>

<p>-Two time national qualifier in debate (finishing 27th Junior Year)</p>

<p>-Invited to 8 round robin tournaments in 5 states</p>

<p>-Member of top lab at Victory Briefs @ UCLA 2006 and varsity member in 2005 (receiving a merit based scholarship to the camp)</p>

<p>-One of only 6 debaters (out of 300) to participate in camp-wide demonstration debate.</p>

<li>National Forensic League speech and debate All American</li>

<p>State Honors</p>

<p>-Washington state co-champion of Lincoln-Douglas debate.(first junior to with the 3A state title since 2001)</p>

<p>-First speaker honors at state (first junior to receive award since late 1990's)</p>

<p>-First Junior in history to win 3A title, Top Speaker award, and clear as top seed at the state tournament.</p>

<p>-Only junior from Washington state to qualify for "the tournament of champions".</p>

<p>-First debater in Washington to fully qualify to the TOC</p>

<p>-Only debater to clear at all three "Washington TOC bid tournaments"</p>

<p>-Received "top speaker" awards at numerous tournaments</p>

<p>-2nd at state in extemporaneous speaking (2006) 2nd (2005)</p>

<p>-3rd at state in impromptu speaking. (2006) 4th (2005)</p>

<p>-3A Washington state record for both impromptu and extemp state bids (8 and 6 respectively)</p>

<p>-Only junior in recent memory to win the University of Puget Sound's Charles Battin award for outstanding speaker. (Most prestigious speaker award in the state)</p>

<p>Team Honors</p>

<p>-Two time team captain</p>

<p>-Three time speech co-captain and two time debate captain</p>

<p>-First and only debater from my school to qualify to TOC or Nationals in debate.</p>

<p>-Four year varsity lettermen</p>

<p>-Selected to attend the national qualifying tournament all four seasons</p>

<p>-Voted “rookie of the year” for the 2003-2004 season (my freshman year)</p>

<p>-Voted team “MVP” for 2005-2006 season (my junior year)</p>

<p>I have also done a huge amount of debate volunteer work (500+ hours)</p>

<p>Student Government positions held:
-7th grade class senator (one of only four)
-8th grade class senator (one of only four)
-9th grade council representative
-Freshman class vice-president
-Sophomore class president
-Junior class president
-Senior class president
-During my three years as class president I have lead the c/o 2007 to huge financial success. We are far and away the wealthiest class in history of the school due to our vast amounts of fund-raising and dedicated leaders.</p>

<p>Independent Academic Study:
-Took sixty hours of arabic composition at the Seattle Academy of Languages (Spring 2004)
-Practiced arabic speaking skills independently for 15 hours/week (April-June 2004)
-Enrolled in independent Old Testament studies with local biblical doctorate holder Steven Swanson. Six hours/week. (September 2005-May 2006)
-Completed an American Studies honors portfolio (wrote five essays on American historical figures and their influence on contemporary America) six hours/week. (March-June 2006)
-Read from Frank and Bernanke’s Principles of Macroeconomics in preparation for May 2007's AP testing. Four hours/week (September 2006-May 2007)*
-Read from Kleiner, Mamiya and Tansey’s Gardner's Art Through the Ages in preparation for May 2007's AP testing. Three hours/week (September 2006-May 2007)*
-Read from Mahler’s Comparative Politics: An Institutional and Cross-national Approach in preparation for May 2007's AP testing. Four hours/week (September 2006-May 2007)*</p>

<li>I met with a HS faculty member once-twice a week and we would have a seminar or lecture on the material I had just read. The times given are for reading, seminars and homework/week.</li>

-Member of Peninsula Baseball Academy (18U All-Kitsap County Team) since age 13.
-Member of American Legion Post 68 Baseball Club (18U All-Kitsap Team) since age 15.
-Member of the 13U, 14U, 15U and 16U Traveling Teams (City-Wide All-Star Team)
-Led the 14U, 15U and 16U clubs in Batting Average and On-Base Percentage.
-Attendee at multiple baseball clinics (both pitching and infield)
-Awarded “first team honors” at both Stubbs’ Infield Clinic and Bainbridge Infield Clinic.
-Led the Freshman team in batting average (.535)
-Hit safely in all 8 Metro Division games sophomore year.
-Was an offensive leader in multiple categories (batting average, slugging percentage, RBI’s, Doubles, Hits, On-Base Percentage)</p>

-One of only two individuals in the Metro Division to finish the 2006 regular season with an undefeated record. (11-0)
- Played as high as number 4 for my high school squad.
-Finished 3rd in the Metro Tournament (Greater Seattle Area) knocking off the 2nd 3rd and 10th seeds at the tournament.
-Finished with the highest winning percentage on the tennis team, (14-1, .9333) dropping only 2 sets all season.</p>

<p>Running/Cross Country:
-Member of xc team's “500 Club” (ran 500 miles over the summer)
-Ran number two consistently for the xc Squad.
-Averaged nearly 50 Miles a week in pre-season training
-Trained for and competed in the Seattle Half-Marathon
-Trained for and will compete in the Toe-Jam half-marathon
-Was a top-finisher for my age group in the 2004 and 2005 Winter Solstice 5K’s in seattle.</p>

<p>thanks again!</p>

<p>bump: anyone?</p>

<p>Your SAT and GPA are too low for Middlebury. Save your self heartache and apply elsewhere.</p>

<p>As an athlete it is clear you train hard --- but what are your times?</p>

<p>I disagree with Knitter. You're not any kind of lock to get in, but are certainly in the running. Your SAT is above Midd's avg and a 3.8 is solid and can be interpreted very differently depending on your school. That would have been ~ 15/300 at my school; so think that top 5% and 1440 m+v SAT is at least in the ballpark to deserve to get in. Since many others with the same stats apply, whether you will get in is a different matter.</p>