RD chances please!

<p>Hello, I'm a hispanic male at a public high school in New Jersey.</p>

<p>I'm ranked 6 out of 694 kids.
GPA - 4.38 top 1%
SAT. Reading 620, Math 590, Writing 670 = 1880
SAT II - Math 1 620, Bio 800, Spanish w/ Listening 770
AP - AP Bio 4. Currently taking AP Chemistry, AP United States History, AP English, and AP Spanish Language
Taken - College level Physics course with Lab (5 credits), Intro to Engineering course (5 credits), and Public Speaking (5 credits)</p>

<p>Conducted Scientific research at St, Peter's College and Princeton University on Chemical and Biological Engineering</p>

National Honors Society-Vice president
Science League: Bio I and Bio II. Also Chem II
Science Club: all four year and Senior officer
English Honors Society Treasurer
Science, History, French honors societies
First Robotics Competition
Spanish Club</p>

<p>Recommendation letter:
1 from Head of Science Department at my school
1 from my Honors US II history and APUSH teacher
additional letters: letters from mentors from St. Peter's and Princeton</p>

<p>Applied as a Biochemistry major</p>

<p>I dont like to do chancing.....but I dont see any big issues. Fordham is holistic and you present a very well balanced and remarkable application. Best of luck to you. Where is Fordham on your preference list? Top choice?</p>

<p>It is definitely one of my top choices. I really want to attend college in New York! Do you happen to know of the merit based scholarships Fordham offers?</p>

<p>Every applicant is reviewed for merit scholarships. Without exception. But the general rule of thumb is you need an SAT of 1400/1600 to qualify. If you need funding, submit a FAFSA. Sometimes they can be generous with grant money and of course student loans. You are hispanic and I don't know if they have a separate pool of money for minorities they are recruiting or not. And what those requirements are. Just on the basis of your SAT's however, I would not hold out any hope. So definitely submit the FAFSA and CSS to see if they offer any substantial grants.</p>

<p>I forgot to add my work experience and Volunteer work
Work Experience:
• Union City Day Care-
Union City Board of Education
Summer Job-2008</p>

<p>• Saint Peters College
Scientific Research in Cell and Molecular Biology
Summer Research – 2010</p>

<p>• Summer Research – 2011 Princeton University
Scientific Research in Biochemistry
Summer Research – 2011</p>

<p>Volunteer Work:
• Save Latin America Inc. -2006-2008
• Liberty Science Center Chemistry Week Volunteer – 2009
• Thanksgiving Can Drive – 2010
• Toys for Tots – 2010
• Books for Children- 2010
• Earth Day Event, Organized and planned – 2010
• Community Service for Head of the Science Department at Union City High School</p>

<p>Thanks...but nobody here makes any decisions. LOL. That is up to Fordham. Your EC's are very strong and that is part of the picture you paint for Fordham and they will definitely examine it and consider it and weigh it.....and like I said, I don't see any real problems for you....my only caveat is that admissions is always quirky and weird things happen at every school, every year...people get in and you wonder how? and people get waitlisted or trashed and you get enraged. Hopefully that wont happen to you.</p>

<p>Your SAT is a touch below their avg...but not enough to make a huge difference. You are hispanic, a big plus, and your grades are excellent. I think you will be fine.</p>

<p>You'll be fine- I had a 1840 SAT and similar SAT II's. It depends on your course load and essay. DON'T POST YOUR COURSES, I'm just saying. And RH has "lower" standards than Gabelli which I applied to. The EC's definitely will help, as they did in my case.</p>