RD Chances? Possible Music Hook?


<p>Hey Guys,
I am a White Male from an Average Public High School on Long Island.
My Gpa is a 96.7 Weighted.
My rank is 21/262. So Top 8% ish.
I am an Ap Scholar and will have taken 8 Aps by Graduation.
I got a 28 on my act. ( Retaking hoping for a 30+)
I also got a 690 on my US HIStory SATII.
I also took the Math IC in Sept. and am expecting a 650+.</p>

<p>My Senior Schedule is
Wind Ensemble
AP Spanish
Ap Music Theory
Ap Bio
Honors Government.</p>

<p>My Main Extracurriclurs involve Music.
-First Chair Alto Sax in Symphonic Band (9th Grade)
-First Chair Alto Sax in Honors Wind Ensemble(10,11,12)
-Lead Alto in Jazz Ensemble( 11,12)
-Marching Band(9,10,11,12)
-Pep Band(10,11,12)
-Tri-M Music Honor Society
-I also Received a score of 96/100 on my All State Jazz Solo.
-My Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble Compete in competetions in both the U.S. and Abroad.
-I also play piano privately and am a member of the National Piano Guild at the State and District Level.
-I have also been the lead alto in the All District Band for 8th 9th and 10th Grade.
I will be submitting a supplemental of me playing my All State Jazz solo.</p>

<p>-I am a 3 year Starter on my Varsity Soccer Team and was the Captain in Grade 12.</p>

<p>-Im a member of the National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Soceity, Tri- M Music HOnor Society and am an Ap Scholar.</p>

<li>I am also involved in numerous community service projects.
I am in club interact, and during the holiday seasons, I personally run a toy drive for orphan children.</li>

<p>Thats pretty much it.
Any IMput would be greatly appreciated</p>

<p>pull up the ACT scores. and, remember tufts' semi motto: "active citizenship" Please don't just say: am also involved in numerous community service projects
music could be a hook. i know that they have a shortage of people in the wind ensemble. email the professor coordinating it. you really have to be aggressive if you want to use it as a hook.</p>