RD Chances

<p>Hi guys! I'm really interested in Cornell and was wondering if you guys could give me an estimate of my chances of being admitted. </p>

<p>Grades: 3.7 UW GPA through 6 semesters, probably a 3.75 after 7th semester. </p>

<p>Rank: top 10% (barely)</p>

<p>ACT: 33 Composite, 35E, 31M, 31R, 33S, 11W, 34E/W</p>

<p>Course rigor: regular school only offers one AP, which I am taking. I also attend a school for accelerated math and science students that provides advanced courses in math and science. I am taking 2 out of the 3 APs offered there. I also will have taken 4 classes at the local community college.
Senior year schedule/grades (1st semester):
AP English L&C - A
POSC 200 - American Syst of Govt - A
HIST 202 - Modern Global History - A
AP Calculus BC - A-
Environmental Biology - A
Anatomy & Physiology - A</p>

I have attended two different different schools and was homeschooled out of the country for another year, so I haven't been too involved in school related ECs. But I do have lots of volunteer hours and other stuff.
Canvased for political campaigns in 2008.
Am involved in our church youth group. Attended a community service camp over the summer in Dayton, OH that lasted a week, in which we did a variety of volunteer projects for underprivileged community members.
Also volunteer twice a month at our church soup kitchen.
While I was out of the country (in Bolivia), I gave computer lessons over the summer to kids in our rural community who otherwise would not have had access to computers.
Played on the varsity soccer team as a freshman.
Had a full time (40+ hrs/wk) job over the summer. </p>

<p>Intended major: ILR</p>

I feel they were very good. Common App essay was about how I have benefitted from living a multicultural and multinational life. </p>

<p>Hook: URM (Hispanic), dual citizen Bolivia&USA (not sure if that means anything). </p>

<p>Honest opinions on my chances would be appreciated. I realize Cornell is a reach for me, but am I at least competitive? I would have applied ED if our family were better off financially. I was deferred from Yale SCEA and admitted to the University of Michigan, if that means anything. Thanks!</p>

<p>Your chances are kind of ok. Not very good, not very bad. That GPA and class rank might hurt.
Did UMich give you any scholarship?</p>

<p>Thanks for your input! UM does not give out scholarship notification for a while longer I believe. But as far as merit scholarship goes, I doubt I'd get much if anything at all, maybe something small for my ACT score.</p>