RD chances

<p>My friend wants to know about his chances for Princeton:</p>

<p>33 ACT, 2200 ACT
SAT IIs are 800 Chinese, 800 Math IIC, and 730 Physics
Top 10 % in his class
GPA: 3.5 UW, 4.2 W
Wide range of ECs but no real leadership
Lots of Community Service
Mediocre essays and great recommedations.
In-state Asian male
Hook: Nothing, really</p>

<p>So could anyone give my friend an estimate of his chances? Thanks!</p>

<p>Not great. There's no way to write your ticket unless you have something absolutely outstanding (which he doesn't). If he manages to express himself really well through his application and show that he has something unique to offer Princeton (beyond the fact that he's an Asian male--that may hurt), he'll improve his chances significantly.</p>

<p>That's all there is to it, then....?</p>

<p>up the essays! i think essays show WHY you did the stuff on your resume; and thats a maj factor. also, its one of the only things you can change last minute. WORK ON THE ESSAY (im such a hypocrite-- i did my essay the week it was due hahah) up the sats if possible. yay community service! i had tons of community service and like 0 leadership except team captain and one club. gl</p>

<p>I agree, definitely work on his essays. They ahve to be truly original because though his academic performance is good, it doesn't stand out compared to all the other amazing students who apply every year. He needs to show that he can offer Pton something that other straight A, 2200+ students can't.</p>