RD class of 2020

I applied RD to Clark, my application materials have been complete for close to two weeks, to be exact all my application materials were complete on the 7th of January 2016. I received an email today, on a Saturday(16th on January) saying that my application has been reviewed and my decision has been posted on my portal. I logged in to my portal and didn’t see anything. I want to ask if it is possible for the decision of RD to be released so early cause on the portal itself it is noted that RD applicants will receive decisions mid march?. And is it only me that received this email?

didn’t receive any email of the sort

@teeye84 Never mind, i was rejected. They explicitly stated that i added for much aid and if my financial status should change i should notify them. Thanks by the way


I thought that RD decisions were being sent out during March, are you sure that you’ve been rejected this early on?

Yeah i was.

Okay this is weird, you know how i mentioned that i received a rejection letter which said i was asking for too much aid in my portal since january, well after like 2 days after i received it i never checked my portal again until today. And surprisingly i can’t find the decision(rejection) update anymore. I’m kind of confused. Does this mean i have a chance. Because i was meant to apply for the LEEP scholarship but after the rejection, i didnt bother again…