RD - Class of 2024

Getting this one started early - who applied RD to Kenyon? What are you planning to major in?

rip to no one replying. i’m chose comparative world literature and public policy ! good luck to everyone applying

I’m applying RD undecided.

My daughter’s interested in English and art history.

Natural sciences/ environmental sciences (Geoscience) and music theory ?

Computer Science, hello everyone!

Computer Science and Theatre here, @CallMeBio !

Does anyone know when decisions come out?

Just a head’s up in case you aren’t aware… there is no Computer Science major at Kenyon. There’s only a concentration. You’ll have to major in something else, then have the concentration in CS if you so choose.

Thank you for that, I had no idea @ChaosParent23

When do we think RD decisions are coming out this year??

Last year they were announced on Saturday March 16th, @flgrl1007 . If they stick to a Saturday, that makes 3/14 seem likely.

I do not, but I will note the following:

  1. In 2019, decisions seem to have come out on 3/16.

  2. I found this page for Kenyon Admitted Students. If they are expecting to have overnights for admitted students as early as 3/26 and 3/29, I imagine that decisions need to come out by 3/20. (I guess those first dates could be just for ED applicants, but I’m guessing not.)


Best wishes to you!

Does anyone know when admissions decisions are coming out?

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate it :slight_smile:

I want to major in English and Spanish if I get in, and I applied to the creative writing scholarship. Hoping I get accepted, although apparently, this year is the third-largest applicant pool they’ve ever had :confused:

@neptunecleo Have they posted the number of applications received?

These are the CDS for the last 4 years. Grad Year- # Enrolled/ # Admitted/ # Applied

2023- 487 / 2271 / 6662
2022- 539 / 2204 / 6152
2021- 453 / 1896 / 5603
2020- 487 / 1702 / 6403

As you can see, there is a definite upward trend in the admitted column, while the applied column is a little all over the place. You can also see that the current Sophomore class was over-enrolled 2 years ago.

Not yet but I have an inside scoop (my bf goes there and his mom is on the parents’ board and she told him). Take my information with a grain of salt, but I do expect the number of applications to have risen this year.

admissions decisions will come out this saturday. i called the office of admissions