RD decisions for internationals

<p>When will the decisions be out for the internationals?
Will we be notified by emails too?</p>

<p>Don't worry they would send you email (at least that 's what they did with me). If you are admitted, you would probably receiving one soon. Stay tuned. Sorry for such late reply, don't know if it is any helpful now.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info bichxa! Do you know when exactly they send emails to internationals? God i can't wait to hear that...</p>

<p>They should be out by March 25 I think. I got my decision last year on March 25...</p>

<p>thanks! and OMG...it's today...!</p>

<p>Got a rejection...Why...</p>

<p>It is simply not your fit, the college rejection doesn't mean anything so severe, don't take it too personal. However, if you truly believe Union is a match, email/call them up and ask why you were rejected. I know couples of students (not from Union though) did that.</p>