RD: Is dropping AP okay?

<p>My application is in and I reported two AP classes that I think I would be better off dropping for second semester. I will still have three AP courses, which I think is still pretty decent for second semester senior year. I plan on informing NYU of course, if I do actually drop them, but I'm worried that getting rid of them might hurt my chances, or anger the admissions officers. I know that ED have to check before hand, but what about Regular?</p>

<p>Thanks for your help everyone!</p>

<p>don't drop them..</p>

<p>i mean, unless ur really failing like low C, D,F, don't drop them.</p>

<p>it can definitely hurt you.</p>

<p>My confusion comes from the fact that NYU doesn't even ask for midyear reports, which to me indicates a lack of passionate concern of the senior year. Is this accurate?</p>

<p>my principal talked to me for a while today and he says they know they wont care if i drop ap calculus... he says they will probably overlook my D if they admit me first and i can explain... so your probably ok... however, it depends on your major and if the course is related to it, in which case you should probably stay or drop to a non AP version of that course</p>

<p>I honestly wouldn't drop my workload down, if I were you. You get used to having it easy in school, and then college hits you like a sack of bricks. I had a tough senior schedule, and I still struggled my first semester at college with the increased expectations and workload.</p>

<p>Thanks for everyone's input. I called the Undergrad Admission Office and told them about the situation, and both reps that I talked to said that as long as I printed out my new sched and had a counselor and myself each write a brief reasoning for the switch, there would be no penalty.</p>

<p>No penalty? What does that mean? They have not yet admitted you, so they will look at your application as one that originally had 5 APs and now has 3. You would look a lot worse than an applicant who had 3 APs from the start of Senior year.</p>

<p>By no penalty, they mean that it will not disqualify you from having your application considered for admission. It doesn't mean that dropping two AP classes from your schedule will have no negative effect. As chocolholic says, you're at a distinct disadvantage to someone with a more rigorous senior year curriculum. The fact that NYU does not require a midyear report does not in any way mean that they have no concern for your senior year. What it means is that they will base their decision on the information on the transcript submitted by your guidance counsellor when you applied AND that if you are admitted, you will have to provide an end of year transcript which shows that you have successfully completed all course work in progress at the time you applied. All acceptances are conditional on that, both E.D. and R.D.</p>