rd notification

<p>Does anyone know when we should receive RD notification? and if it will be through mail, email or phone?</p>

<p>The EA notifications came exactly when the website said they'd come. Website says RD notifications will be mailed April 1, so I'd not expect anything before that. I would be surprised if they do RD notifications differently than they did EA, and ours came by mail.</p>

<p>I received my acceptance letter via e-mail today =)</p>

<p>Congratulations, sourpanda! Do you know which school you'll be attending?</p>

<p>I wonder why we don't receive notification emails at the same time.</p>

<p>Has anyone else received a RD notification?</p>

<p>I received a 'Waitlisted' this morning... I am homeschooled, and maybe that has something to do with it, because my scores and GPA are above the 75th percentile and I have some very interesting extracurriculars. It is too bad - I have been accepted at some colleges that are considered to be more 'prestigious', but K was really on the absolute top of my list. It is somewhat of a slap to the face considering that I have constantly expressed my desire to attend!</p>

<p>Does anyone know how many students are taken off of the wait list each year? Congrats to those who got in BTW!</p>

<p>^I read some of your posts. It seems like you've had a really interesting life so far! Don't colleges sometimes wait-list students who are overqualified? I'm sure you'll end up at a wonderful school.</p>

<p>If you don't mind my asking, what state do you live in? I'm anxiously awaiting my letter...</p>

<p>I live here in MI and have a lot of friends who go to K (and they all love it!). I am thinking that maybe they are doing the 'overqualified test', but I don't want to sound elitist or anything! I was a little surprised at how early the letter came actually, I was expecting it next week or later...</p>

<p>Good Luck!</p>

<p>I just got my acceptance letter today, the financial aid was really generous. I'm from California as a point of comparison.</p>

<p>^^ Congrats!</p>

<p>I also received an acceptance letter today!</p>

<p>is that rd? im from jamaica- and havent gotten anything</p>

<p>Hi! Yes, that was RD. Why don't you send an email to the admissions office?</p>

<p>My son received his RD acceptance package the beginning of March.</p>

<p>Just got mine. Waitlisted. I was quite pleased that they mentionned what was wrong with my application: too much financial aid need</p>