RD Notification

Hey Guys!

I just wanted to ask if anyone had been accepted RD. If not, do we know when letters are being sent out?

Just got my letter today! Dated Feb. 26

@justinn76 are you a trustee applicant? because i wasn’t. Also, did you get your financial aid info with your acceptance? I live in California so it might take sometime for it to get here

D received her acceptance in the mail today!

Am I the only one who hasn’t heard back yet from them? I’m an international and I really want to know how everybody received their decisions, because I have nothing on my application status page, and I haven’t received any mail…I’m getting a bit worried. 8-|

@mm1957 I don’t think they update the status page. Because you are international, you should have maybe received an email? Give the mail sometime… Call the admissions office if it doesn’t arrive in a few days.

Hi - I was wondering if any of you who got in decided to attend & how you feel about the school now. Thanks!

FYI - my son’s portal was just updated - he got in (regular decision)!

My daughter too with a very generous grant & scholarship!

My daughter too - and very generous merit + financial aid! Phew, one good option locked up!

Just out of curiosity, I was wondering how everybody’s need based financial aid packages are (if you don’t mind me asking!). My son was offered the Trustee scholarship and an arts scholarship (which we are very excited about!) but very little need based financial aid - only 2k in grants and maxed out loans and work study, which is still about 10k below our EFC (which is still going to be difficult to meet). I’m just wondering in general how generous HWS is regarding need based aid, because I think we’re going to have to appeal if there is any hope to him being able to go. Especially since by the time he graduates, it will probably cost about 74k a year!!

My daughter just got in with the Faculty scholarship, which appears to be the largest non-specialized merit scholarship they have. The need-based side of their offer is meh. Granted, we hardly have an EFC of zero, but right now HWS has a net price of 10k more per year than several others she’s looking at. Disappointing.