RD, Scholarships and Computer Science

<p>Hi. My son has applied to DU, it's number 2 or 3 on his list, and I have a few questions for anyone who knows. We visited in October but I'm just looking for some confirmation on these things.</p>

<li><p>Is there a chance of getting a merit scholarship if you apply RD? He was going to apply ED but decided to take a little more time refining his common app essay, so we're still awaiting a decision. He has very good stats so we're thinking he will probably get a merit award IF it is possible for an RD student.</p></li>
<li><p>The decisions come all at once, mid- to late-March, correct? Do they give the scholarship news at the same time?</p></li>
<li><p>Anyone out there with high need (we have an EFC of about 5,000) - how much need-based aid could we expect? I know DU is not a "meets full need" school, but what is the typical gap (after any grants, Stafford loans, and work study)?</p></li>
<li><p>Is it possible to reduce the COA by living off-campus? Is that permitted for freshmen?</p></li>
<li><p>He is interested in studying computer science, particularly video game programming. We met with a prof from that department and it sounded like a good program. But I notice it has not shown up in the past couple of years of Princeton Review rankings (it was in there in 2010, I think). Anyone know why?</p></li>

<p>That's all I can think of for now, I'm sure I'll have more questions.</p>

<p>My son is a freshman at DU, majoring in Computer Science. He had a 3.5 first quarter GPA. He likes DU, it definitely has been his best choice. Us parents have no complaints, even though he’s about 1,800 miles away.The college is building a new engineering and computer science building.</p>

<p>He was accepted early action, didn’t get any merit aid. He didn’t qualify given his high school GPA. He did get need-based financial aid. His total package is about $20,000 I think.</p>

<p>Freshmen and sophomores can not live off campus. You might be able to appeal that if a student joins a fraternity or sorority and sophomore year wants to live in their house. Freshmen definitely have to live on campus.</p>

<p>bump — anyone?</p>

<p>Did you run the Net Price calculator?</p>

<p>Cannot live off campus as a freshman</p>