Re-applying and using the same essays?

<p>Hi! Bit of a back story: I applied ED to one school and was accepted so I had to withdraw all my other applications.</p>

<p>I'm applying as a transfer to only one school, and the essay questions are the same as last years for freshman apps. I'm applying for theatre and the essays got past the academic screening last year. Can I/ Should I reuse the essays from last year for this app, with edits to reflect on my experiences this year? I really like my essays and think they reflect me really well...
Thanks! :)</p>

<p>that...may depend on the school. I would call up Admissions and see if they would particularly be displeased if you didn't change your essy from last year very much.</p>

<p>Thanks! The school in question requires 3 essays: 2 shorter ones (which I would change somewhat or completely) and a longer one ( which is the one I would like to keep the same)
Sorry I should have included that above!</p>

<p>it sounds fine to me, but checking couldn't hurt...worst case scenario, they "don't know" lol</p>