Re-applying with the same essay (?)

<p>Hey, I was wondering... If I'm applying to a college for the second time, can I send in the same personal essay I used the last time, or is there any rule against it? I'm wondering, because I know that in the UK some universities consider it plagiarism. I'll be re-applying because I didn't take the SATs on time, and think that the essay was of very good quality. However, besides that potential legal aspect, do you think that a top-level college could take it as lack of originality? I mean, yes, I think the essay is good, but I'm afraid they'll see it as laziness, after all I've had a year to come up with something new. Thanks</p>

<p>I mean this so kindly, but it does lack originality, and it does indeed come off as lazy. Just write something new – you have everything in the world to write about.</p>

<p>Thank you for your reply. That is true, even if I didn’t have a whole year to re-apply, there would always be a new topic to write about. I’ve written the essay not that long ago and I think I’m still attached to it in a way, this is why I even considered it. Thanks again!</p>