Re: August registration

Does anybody know when CB will open August SAT registration? We have a cancelled subject test and would love to transfer that registration for August.

Probably in June.

I tried to register D21 this morning as it looked like registration was open (she had a canceled June test date). I could choose the date for the exam, but then the system kept stopping with a “no more test dates available for the rest of the year” message.

I just tried and I can’t register at all. It says “service unavailable” if I try to register for a test. If I try to change the June date, it keeps telling me I haven’t selected the new date, but I have no way of selecting it since I don’t see that option.
I am a little concerned because their email said registration would be open this week and we will be able to register without cost (they didn’t refund June). I am trying to make sure those aren’t issues on my end.

My daughter can’t register either, she can’t get past login screen.

I tried to started to register for D, but found that the August date doesn’t have anything within 75 miles…the September test has only 1 location. Will more be added? I wouldn’t think that spots have completely filled up in other locations nearby since we are in the midwest, but maybe? She would rather test in Aug, but Sept will do, I guess. Could more options open up?

So bizarre. If I try to register, it shows me August date is available for subject test, but tells me I don’t have a priority registration. When I go to “change the date” on existing registration, it allows me to chose the earliest October for a subject test. I can’t imagine studying chemistry (the class that finished in May) all the way through October. Why isn’t August date available to exchange? Are they opening August on June 3rd for everybody? So should I ask for refund and then wait until June 3rd to try to get an August date? It’s all so confusing.

Rising sophomore but homeschooled. Although he will have AP score for chem, he is so prepared for the subject, he thinks he can get an 800. We are thinking why not. It doesn’t hurt.

I was able to register D for Sept sat. Ideally she wanted Aug so testing could be over before school started, but no testing locations were available within 75 miles. Does anyone think more Aug locations will open up or is what you see now what you get for location options? If something close did open up later could I change date of sat without being charged extra? Sept date is not the worst, but would prefer Aug.

I don’t think they will let us change without charging us the second time. I really hope they will open up more August dates.

I was just able to change a June subject test reservation to a regular SAT in August. It took some work - first I went in to make a new reservation and eventually was told that I was didn’t have priority to do that until June 3. Then I realized I needed to go in and change the June test to regular SAT - then all I could see was a September or later choice. So then I came back later and then did see the August choice at the desired location. This is for an area where the ACT is most popular. With all the cancelations, my teen has given up on getting a second subject test and probably won’t report the first one.

We were able to register finally. It won’t create a new registration but let us change the June one to August.

Was finally able to register D21 for the SAT the last weekend in August. There were only 2 locations near us with seats available. We had tried a few times over the past couple of weeks and feel very fortunate that she was able to register.

She has never taken the SAT and really wants to get at least one testing in. Some of the colleges she is interested in will offer merit or scholarship competitions based on GPA and test scores.