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<p>I was wondering if there would be any way of accessing the various blogs on the Johns Hopkins site other than their regular typepad URLs. (I live in the UAE with a unique internet proxy in place that pretty much restricts access to all typepad sites and quite a few other blogging sites (so much for Web 2.0 :)))</p>

<p>I did have access to them for a few days, and found them to be a nice insight into life at the university, so I'm feeling the loss a bit.</p>

<p>I'm forgetting the name, but there are websites that forward everything through port virtual browser?</p>

<p>Ah, well I'd do that, but all virtual browsers are blocked by the proxy as well, they've got something of a Catch-22 loop going.</p>

<p>Sorry k_twin but the only place we store the blogs are on the Typepad system. Maybe someone else who is much more tech savvy (tanman???) can help.</p>

<p>If you have any friends in the US, have them host a VPN server. You can connect to their server via 8080. All ports will forward through 8080 if you do this properly.</p>

<p>Have you tried using an RSS Feed Reader like Google</a> Reader? I'm not sure exactly how they work, but if they actually pull the blog from Typepad to Google's servers and then to you, then it might work for you. Try it out - log in to Google Reader and add the feed "<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;" to see if it will load Daniel's blog. If it works, you won't be able to post comments, but you might be able to read the posts.</p>

<p>Thanks, that seems to be working (which is strange since I had tried earlier using another RSS reader and that didn't work). At any rate, I'm able to access the site now; would anyone be kind enough to post RSS feed links for the other blogs?</p>

<p>I just used the export feature on Google Reader to get this list - all the links are in there:</p>

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<p><title>tanman subscriptions in Google Reader</title></p>



<p><outline text="A Day in the Life (Laura)" title="A Day in the Life (Laura)" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Adventures at Hopkins (Esther)" title="Adventures at Hopkins (Esther)" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Hopkins Insider" title="Hopkins Insider" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Hopkins Interactive Guest Blog" title="Hopkins Interactive Guest Blog" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Julia's Journal" title="Julia's Journal" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Less Than Common Sense (Ramy)" title="Less Than Common Sense (Ramy)" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Michelle's Musings" title="Michelle's Musings" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Murphy's Law Gone Right" title="Murphy's Law Gone Right" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="My Life Is My Personal Movie (Stefanie)" title="My Life Is My Personal Movie (Stefanie)" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Not-Quite-Daily Ramblings (Michelle T)" title="Not-Quite-Daily Ramblings (Michelle T)" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Roxi Rules" title="Roxi Rules" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="The Castrovinci Chronicles" title="The Castrovinci Chronicles" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="The JHU Fun Blog" title="The JHU Fun Blog" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="This Week @ Hopkins" title="This Week @ Hopkins" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Verbal Snippets & Snapshots (Kate)" title="Verbal Snippets & Snapshots (Kate)" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">
<outline text="Vol. 1: The Life and Times of B. Edwards" title="Vol. 1: The Life and Times of B. Edwards" type="rss" xmlurl="" htmlurl="">


<p>tanman is a genius!!!
Enough said.
All praise tanman...</p>

<p>Thanks! :)</p>