Re: CalSo/signing up for classes

<p>Is there any way for me to start choosing/signing up for classes on my own now or do I have to wait for Calso? (I'm doing the last CalSo the 2nd one in July so I'm afraid classes will be filled up by then)</p>

<p>No, the CalSO you picked is your phase I registration appointment. Can’t register until your appointment time. There is one group of incoming who will register after you - anyone who skipped CalSO entirely.</p>

<p>You will need to have a number of alternatives mapped out and be flexible when your time comes up, but you should be able to get something workable.</p>

<p>You should start planning out what classes and what alternatives you want to take now, but you can’t start signing up yet. Like rider730 said, there’s still one group of Phase 1s after you (which includes me), so you still stand a chance of getting some classes.</p>

<p>Use this website ([Search</a> Fall - Online Schedule Of Classes](<a href=“]Search”> to get a rough idea of what will still have room by your Phase 1.</p>