Re-Chance me for UMCP?

<p>I had an 81.4 average my freshman year and I accidentally translated it into a 2.7 GPA. Well as it turns out, it actually translates into a 3.2. HUGE RELIEF! Well, here's my info:</p>

<p>PA Resident
Race: Black
Gender: Male</p>

<p>Class Rank: 180/325
Junior year class rank: 143/325</p>

<p>HS GPA: 3.1-3.4 (HUGE upward trend)
S-Year: 3.3 or 3.4
J-Year: 3.6
HS Type: Academically excellent Catholic school in the Philly suburbs</p>

<p>SAT: 1430 Total (I'm going to retake it and try to get it up to at least a 1700)
M: 440

-Marching Band
-Percussion Ensemble
-Private drumming lessons every week
-Semi-pro Baseball
-Wells Fargo College Bound group since 8th grade
-National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (Summer 2011)</p>

<p>EC's that I'll participate in this year
-Mock Trial
-World Affairs club
-School newspaper
-School TV station
-School baseball team</p>

<p>Things that might get counted against me:
-NO AP's or honors so far (I'm going to try to get as many as I can for my senior year, and I might do dual enrollment).
-I've been to 2 different high schools in three years, not because of discipline problems, but because of my mom's inability to pay for Catholic school (I went to Catholic school grades 9 and 11).</p>

<p>Reason for my low freshman year grades:
I was educated in the academically WORST school district in PA. Going from the worst school district to a challenging Catholic high school was a challenge to me, but I eventually adjusted. Now I have finished my junior year off with a superior 3.6 GPA! </p>

<p>How would my chances improve if I raised my SAT score to at least a 1700 or 1800? Also, what if I filled my course load with all AP classes this year (or possibly dual enrollment)?</p>

<p>Your out-of-state status will hurt you. While they have accepted a few MD students with higher SAT scores and similar GPA, it's going to be a stretch for any OOS student. Focus on the CR + M scores....getting them over 600 would help your cause immensely.</p>

<p>There's always a chance--good luck, but make sure you have some more schools that are "matches" for you. You could always consider a couple of years at CC. If you can keep over a 3.0 GPA in college work, you have a more reasonable shot at transferring to UMD.</p>