Re-energization ideas?

<p>I can't seem to get myself to work! I had a very stressful past few months, so I decided I'd relax for a few days during break...those few days have turned into 1.5 weeks of doing nothing. I have 3 days not including this one to actually get work done (next week I'm starting work), and I'm having trouble staying focused and motivated to study.</p>

<p>What makes it worse is the crapload of work I have: - a project for SS that's 40% of my grade, 6 position papers - Math assignment and unit test to study for - Chem unit test to study for -English 4 lists of vocab to memorize -1 speech to write and studying for 4 finals!</p>

<p>I'm normally a very good student in Chem too, but this last unit, I slipped up and made many silly mistakes so the my grade for the unit is banking on the unit test! D: </p>

<p>asljadkaj;jskas, I just want to like do nothing and read/surf the internet/hang out. </p>

<p>Do you guys have advice/help/tips on how to cope with this situation? </p>

<p>Thank you! (and this is a legit query, I seriously have lost my ability to do anything.)</p>

<p>Oh, gosh. I feel the EXACT same way as you do...I've done the exact same thing as you, wasted 1.5 weeks doing nada. I have a reallllllly hard time motivating myself as well, but when I really need to get school stuff done, I try motivate myself by thinking about my dream school. Do you have one? I tell myself that all this hard work will pay off one day. Oh, and think about how much worse it'll get if you keep putting it off. Sorry you have so much work to do, but think of how much better you'll feel once you actually get started and eventually finish.</p>