[Re]sending SAT scores

<p>If you take the SAT three times, each time listing four different schools, would you have twelve different schools, each with your most recent score? Or would you just have twelve different schools, each with a score for you, but not necessarily your best? I haven't exactly done it for twelve schools, but CalTech, MIT, Harvey Mudd, and Georgia Tech have all received my scores in the past, while this time I only had them sent to Cornell, Chicago, Cal, and Vassar. Do I now have eight schools with up to date scores? or just eight schools with scores?</p>

<p>just 8 schools with scores</p>

<p>They don't update them each time, you have to list them when you take each test and only those schools get your most recent scores.</p>

<p>First test goes to four designated on that app and they get that score; second test goes to schools on second app only and they get both second and first score; third test goes only to those designated on that third app and they get all three scores.</p>