Re-take SAT 2s??

<p>Hey guys..... So like many of you, I received my SAT 2 results this morning. I received a 710- USH and 740- Math 2. Should I retake these exams, especially if I'm looking to apply to top notch schools?</p>

<p>I got the same score for Math II... I'm definitely retaking and I think you should too.</p>

<p>710 for USH... I would retake as well.</p>

<p>But for one, our definition of top notch schools might not be same (I'm aiming for MIT,etc.) and two, I'm an international.</p>

<p>Those are probably fine scores. If you really have the time, money, and energy, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to retake them. If you already have other solid scores, then I'm sure it's fine.</p>