REA Score to Real CLEP Score

Hey all.

I am taking the Spanish CLEP test soon and want to score at least a 48. I took the REA practice test online and I got just over 60% of the questions correct. What would this score equate to on the Official CLEP test?


@BamaDude87 How did you do on the Spanish CLEP?

I have not taken it yet. I plan on taking it Feb 28 and I will let you know how I do on it ASAP.

I passed with a 59! The actual test is much easier than the REA practice exams and a bit harder than Peterson’s practice test. I would not use in the future; it had very little to no correlation of what was actually on the exam. I listening portion is not as bad as people make it out to be. I would recommend using the paper and pencil that they give you to take good notes while doing the listening section because they only play the audio once, then you are asked a few questions on it. All in all, the test was not extremely difficult.

Congrats @BamaDude87! Great score!