REA to Stanford

<p>So I'm feeling really up-and-down about this whole "REA" thing at Stanford. At first, I was all for applying early action, because Stanford was definitely my first choice and, if I were to get in RD, I would automatically accept, no matter any other acceptances. </p>

<p>Then, after doing some research (mostly on this site), I saw that, unless I was definitely qualified, in terms of stats, there wasn't much point in applying REA, besides finding out if I got in earlier, because the early pool can be a bit more competitive than regular decision. </p>

<p>However, after thinking about it some more, I'm wondering if I should just go for it. If I don't get in, I have a few other colleges that I would apply to RD that I would definitely go to if I got in (Pomona, Pitzer, Reed, etc.). </p>

<p>My big question, however, is this: my SAT I scores are pretty low for Stanford's standards, and I'm going to take the test again in October. I know that the scores will be spent in time for REA, but would it be wise to wait until I knew what the scores were, and then decide which way to apply?</p>

<p>For instance, if I did much better the second time, and found out a few days before the REA deadline, would it be okay to still apply? I know, in essence, it would be, but I'm such a planner, that I would hate to join all the other procrastinators in applying (if there are any, that is; oh god, what if I'm the absolutely last person to apply to Stanford REA???? haha). </p>

<p>Or, if my scores didn't improve very much, I would just apply regular decision, because it just wouldn't seem worth it. Any opinions?</p>

<p>I don't really know which application process would be best, so I'm just going to assume better scores=REA for the sake of trying to help.</p>

<p>I think the ideal thing to do would be to get your application done before scores come out. Then, if you choose to apply REA, you can just change your score and be ready to go. This would save you from scrambling, but does require some initiative. But that's what I would do.</p>

<p>Oh yeah I'm definitely going to have my application done before the deadline, I've already started working on it since the common app became available :)</p>

<p>That does sound like a good idea, because then I would just the scores and the way that I was applying. Thanks.</p>

<p>i would recommend you have everything ready.
if you get your scores back and feel you would like to apply REA, make sure you are prepared.</p>

<p>as long as you are on time with your application, it doesnt matter when you send it. for example, i started mine in early august and i just kept working on it until the deadline. then i submitted it at 7:23 p.m. on november 1st, 4 and a half hours before the deadline.</p>