REA vs ED 2

If I apply to an REA program am I still allowed to apply to a schools ED 2 program? I know that REA blocks you from applying to other private schools’ EA or ED program since the deadlines for these applications are usually early November. Since ED2 is in January does this still conflict with the agreement made via an REA application?

You need to read the specifics of the REA agreement. In general if the REA results come out before the ED2 deadline closes then it would be fine (assuming you were turned down for REA).

You would receive the REA decision before the ED2 deadline. So, you’re asking whether a student accepted REA could subsequently apply ED2. You’d need to look closely at the language of the REA rules.

The rules for H, P, and S are vague. Does the prohibited “Early Decision” include ED2? An argument could be made that it does; after all, it’s in the name. An argument could also be made that the timeline is completely different, that ED2 isn’t actually an “early” plan, with a deadline typically the same as RD, albeit with a result slightly earlier than RD results.

Yale’s SCEA rules explicitly allow ED2:

Georgetown says no:

I don’t see a clarification on ND’s website, though ND’s REA is more similar to Georgetown than to HYPS.