Reaches, safetys and everything in between chance!

<p>Male Jew New york Long island region Top 25 High school public in nation</p>

<p>GPA 3.65 SAT 2250 ACT 33 SAT 2- WORLD HISTORY 760 Literature 750</p>

<p>Class not ranked EC'S- TREASURER FBLA VP MODEL UN/MODEL CONGRESS/Political </p>

<p>Science PRES. DECA</p>

<p>3 years varsity tennis, 1 year varsity basketball, 300 hours community service</p>

<p>1 summer as a counselor Essays applauded by guidance counselor as one of the best ever Recs A-</p>

<p>Looking for business major or law major</p>

<p>Schools- Babson College, Michigan, UPENN, UC BERKLEY, U SOUTHERN CALI, UMIAMI, UWASHINGTON, NYU, UCF, UNC, Virginia, Maryland</p>


Michigan-match to slight reach
UPenn-huge reach
UC Berkeley-huge reach
USC-slight reach
UWashington-match?? (not entirely sure about this school)
UNC-slight reach
Virgina and Maryland-not familiar but i'm assuming they'd be safeties</p>

<p>UPenn and UCB are your biggest reaches right now. Make sure for Babson you write amazing essays. I know someone who had really good stats (like yours) but didnt get in because of the essay. The other schools you have a decent chance at. Good luck!</p>

<p>Looks good!</p>

<p>If your applying to Wharton, it doesn't look like a reach to me especially since its sooo competitive to get into that schoool</p>