Reaction to Decision~!

<p>So. now that everyones apps for ED are OFFICIALLY in....what are you guys going to do when you find out the decision.</p>

<p>as in, what will you do if you get accepted...and how will you cope w/ it if you get denied....or deferred??</p>

<p>also, what method will you open the letter in? slowly? rip it apart? cry if you see a small envelope and not a big one and not open it and stick nails in parts of your body? etc.</p>


<p>don't you get it to know it through email?</p>

<p>yeah i'm pretty sure we find out online - and I have a bridge lined up for if I dont get in</p>

<p>Well I think the envelope is a dead giveaway with the whole acceptance thing considering I did hard copy, blech
If I don't get in, I'll most likely bitch and moan about how Ivy Leages are for *******s anyway. If I do get in, I think I'll do the following:
a) throw myself a party
b) smoke a blunt
c) drink</p>

<p>put that on repeat for the rest of senior year</p>

<p>upennizzle - lol....if we do hard copy, dont we get to find out online as well??</p>

<p>if we are finding out online, i will be at harvard model UN on dec. 10th (some other post said that we find out on that day); isnt that ironic?
if i am in: i party like there is no tomorrow the day i get it...and if i survive that day, i party like theres no tmrw the next day, and so on........
if i am rejected: ill be upset cuz i love penn and i put in a LOT of work on my app, but i will get over it pretty quickly (although i will start doubting my chances to other schools prolly)</p>

<p>gluck every1!</p>

<p>I honestly didn't know that... guess I'll find out when everyone else is gettin in lol</p>

<p>If I don't get in, I'll probably do the same thing I'll do if Bush steals the presidency again... move to Spain. lol</p>


<p>if i don't get in i'll probably feel like utter **** for a period of 3-4 weeks and then condemn myself as an utter and absolute failure. then i'll send the rest of my apps in, and hope I get into one of my top 5. if i do, then i won't be so sad any more.</p>

<p>if i do get in i will scream at the top of my lungs for many hours and cry and go around giving money to people and kissing random hot girls. etc. i'll def have a party at my house and then I will slack off like ALL HELL the rest of the year. and then i'll cry some more. out of ahppiness. then i'll buy a penn sweater and run around school screaming OMFG I GOT INTO PENN for a few days.</p>

<p>anu you're weird bro</p>

<p>thanks. ^.^</p>

<p>this is how us californian's live it. yeauhh.</p>

<p>yay for california. </p>

<p>if I get in. first off. gloat to everyone within a 5-mile radius. second, buy a motorcycle (b/c i bloody well deserve it) and rode trip to penn over christmas break. third, spend as much money as i can on lottery, gambling, poker ..etc. and ofcourse buy PENN brand merchandise, sweatshirts, socks, bedsheets, cooking utensils.. (anything i can get my dirty hands on)</p>

<p>if i don't, probably cry. alot.</p>

<p>if i get in, ill arrange plans to get a upenn sweater to wear around to gloat.</p>

<p>and then ill chill for the rest of the school year. and ill gamble like booboocat.</p>

<p>if i dont get in ill take about how i got screwed over lol.</p>

<p>the first thing im going to do is buy $50 worth of merchandise. next, im going to throw a kegger</p>

<p>just curious...where are all of you from...anybody from l.a?</p>

<p>if i dont get in...ill probably just hang myself with a telephone big deal...</p>

<p>i'm from SD</p>

<p>How would we check our status online whether we got accepted or not? Do we go to where we went to apply online and then there will be a new button?</p>

<p>go to the decisions section of the admissions site and log in. that's where you'll find out.</p>

<p>if i am in: flip out. enjoy wearing a penn sweatshirt around all wkend.
if i am out: life'll be ok. i'll be a little upset, but just focus on what is in the future.</p>

<p>Hmm I just found out that I'm gonna find out december 10th and 3 pm. I think I'm gonna wait around at school (I get out at 12 noon), go to a pizza place or something and find out in my school library.</p>