Read my Common App essay please?

<p>I need this for tomorrow to apply ED. I've been getting suggestions from a teacher, but she hasn't answered my latest e-mail and it's been a while.
Right now I doubt I have too much I can change in such a short time...My biggest issue is that I have 2 versions: they both deal with the same general topic, but one is more specific and fits the "piece of art that has inspired you" prompt and one talks about many similar pieces of art, and one general type of art, and I believe would be "topic of your choice" as it doesn't fit any other. I'd really appreciate any suggestions on which is better, or how to make one better than the other.
Both essays are also 530-540 words...I've already cut down a lot and I'd like someone to check if I can't get it down further.</p>


<p>sorry for being so annoying, I just really wanted someone to check these out for me...I don't need anything too specific, just which one is better and if there's anything I need to obviously improve</p>

<p>send it to me, I'll look at it. When do you need to submit it?</p>

<p>thank you!! i want to submit it by noon tomorrow :)</p>