Read my Dissertion ( Paper)

<p>History Paper ( 1/2 of final) on Dubois' critique of BOoker T Washington' s Ideology for solving the problem of the color line</p>

<p>due tomarrow
I have 1,300 words need 200 words.....a</p>

<p>nyone willing to proofread it and give me conclusion suggestions ( i was thinkning my own analysis of what I think of their program, or whose program has proven more effective today.) </p>

<p>Please leave your email or Ill PM too you</p>


<p>I think you meant dissertation. It was actually funny when I read the title. Sorry though, my brain isn't working now.</p>

<p>I'll read it (if it's not too late).</p>

<p>Yea it was the wrong word..what can I say it was late last night lol</p>

<p>and it's too late
but thanks</p>

<p>I did a debate on that in U.S History. Cool topic.</p>